Email #6: Love and Light is Not a Complete Answer

Yesterday I wrote an email to a person arranging a course in the south of Europe (with participants from Sweden mainly), and suggested they could inspire people to take the train down through the continent rather than flying – having a whole group of people take flights for a trip like this will have such … Continue reading Email #6: Love and Light is Not a Complete Answer

Email #2 – “Natural” Room Fresheners (Eco Branding, again)

I was in a studio where they used so called "room fresheners" - i.e. yucky stuff - and I took the chance to ask some questions to the company providing them. According to the homepage all their products are "natural", and everything they say actually sounds really nice...whereby I got a bit confused since I … Continue reading Email #2 – “Natural” Room Fresheners (Eco Branding, again)