A November Wrap-Up

Autumn leaves, even in LA. J. Holmberg, 2020.

With few words to spare, I share a few of this month’s thoughts via these posts below. The themes in my mind right now are Indigenous rights, Land Back, social justice, anti-racism. Not that those haven’t been strong “themes” in my life before…but somehow they are all so much more highlighted since coming to “the States”. Sometimes I really feel like an outsider-downer. I’d hate to be an “ungrateful guest”…but also…there isn’t really any other option than to talk about these issues, constantly (and not only talk, of course). Sharing my thoughts and hearing back from even just one American-born person that they had never really thought about these things (for example National Parks and their problematic history) makes it all feel worth it.

This month was the month when we came home after a fantastic week sleeping out in the desert, just in time for the election and the chaos that followed. It’s also the month with the Holiday known as Thanksgiving, a holiday which really need some re-thinking. It was a month where I was grateful to have re-discovered movement as a path to well-being (and then I somehow was able to un-discover it again %-) ). It was the month when covid-cases started to surge in both my home-countries. It was a month when I was planning to participate in NaNoWriMo for the third year in a row…but didn’t. And the month when we realized that we needed to test our home for mold since it seems that that can be a part of Anna’s health issues, something which in turn of course had us spin into unknown futures of where, how, what if:s and when:s.

It was the month when I listened to the Thanksgiving-episode from the podcast “All My Relations” three times in a row…moving me immensely and bringing me back to a sense of gratitude and giving thanks – not in the one day a year-way but in an overall, constant practice-way.

It was a month of missing my family, wanting to hug my nieces, and a month of great gratitude for us all still being around.

It was a month of…a lot. It was November 2020. ❤

Coming back from the desert and staying in the feeling of…calm
“Only the trees can help us now”
So many questions
Phew…but also not
Going extinct
Just wear a mask
Unlearning, relearning

I hope everyone is doing OK out there – and here is to a creative, just and peaceful December for us all. ✨

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