Do The Work

Art by @micahbazant ✨

It’s easy to nod in agreement with this message. It’s easy to agree that Black Lives Matter, to express outrage over the last month’s news about horrific murders. It’s easy to nod but still not be doing the inner work against one’s own biases and prejudices – which all form part of the racism which in its most ugly expression kills black and brown people. Right now, and since way too long.

Please read what the people who have been doing this work for years and years on end are saying. They are the ones who really know what they are talking about.
@rachel.cargle @thegreatunlearn @ibramxk @laylafsaad @theconsciouskid @lilnativeboy are just a few places to learn from. Just make sure to tread lightly. The labor put in to educate is heavy and we shouldn’t make it even heavier (and important to remember – they shouldn’t have to do this in the first place). And any white person new to all of this – please go listen to @ajabarber ‘s words from this morning. Yes we should all speak up. And we need to be very careful about the impact of our behavior (there is no template for this – but realizing that we are late to the table if we are is a first step).

#blacklivesmatter #breonnataylor #ahmaudarbery #georgefloyd #tonymcdade #antiracism #whitesupremacy
PS Anyone feeling more upset about businesses being vandalized alongside protests (either it is by some of the protesters themselves, or by opportunists and straight up vandals, which seems to too often be the case) than people getting KILLED by the police because of the color of their skin, should really go check their priorities. “Yes protesting is good and all but I don’t understand why they need to destroy and vandalize…….”. If everyone putting in the effort to formulate those words and commenting to left and right would put that same energy towards the REAL problem and the reason people are out there in the first place, starting to do the work within themselves – imagine what would happen then.

We need to check our priorities here. People over profit. Two days ago a young man, James Scurlock, was shot to death in the protests in Omaha. A white supremacist took the opportunity to “protect” his store, by shooting a protestor (for the record, sources say he wasn’t looting…but even if he would have been, killing a person is a completely off response to that, which many people asking about this seem to have forgotten). A sentiment of “Profit over people” is what gives people like the shooter a reason to think they will get away with a murder like that. Read more: #jamesscurlock

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