“I Don’t Know Enough About Race…” (repost @theconsciouskid)

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Today would have been Ahmaud Arbery’s 26th birthday. He was shot dead while out jogging two months ago. And until a video came out on social media, his murderers could calmly sleep in their own beds at night, no charges pressed. I don’t even know what to do with this all but doing better and more anti-racism is one of the things we are all obliged to do – especially if the color of our skin gives us privilege in this society. Yes, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and scared of speaking up. Not the least in discussions that can quickly (seem to) become very intellectualized. But we can’t wait to “know it all” to start acting in an anti-racist way: • Repost • @theconsciouskid “The white claim that one does not know much about race is particularly problematic because, while it positions whiteness as “innocence,” it simultaneously reinforces the projection of race onto people of color—they have race, not us, and thus are the holders of racial knowledge. In doing so, we position ourselves as standing outside of hierarchical social relations—as if the oppression of people of color occurs in a vacuum. White obliviousness is not benign; it has material consequences because it allows us to ignore the impact of racism on people of color while enjoying its benefits at their expense. Being new to the concepts is not an end point or a pass to only listen and not speak. The role of silent whites is critical to protecting whiteness, for white dominance depends, in part, on the silence of other whites. People of color seldom have the luxury of withdrawing because they don’t feel safe. If people of color are not self-advocating and pushing back against whiteness, they can’t depend on white people to do it for them, as has been amply demonstrated time and again in racial discussions—often via white silence. While the pushing back white people might get from people of color can be very uncomfortable, that discomfort is a key way to unsettle our world views and create the stretching and growing that is necessary for authentic change.” —Robin DiAngelo, “Nothing to Add: A Challenge to White Silence in Racial Discussions” #Whiteness #Racism #WhiteSupremacy #SpeakUp #Race #AntiRacist

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