Slow Travel Magazine

A Future Slow Traveler? Photo: Jenny Holmberg, 2020

I’ve started an account on Medium! Equipped with a brain that doesn’t always agree with twitter-shortness, but as a person who still wants to connect to the world (sometimes), I was intrigued by the description of Medium as a “twitter but for long-form texts”. Or something along that line. I’ve also just really enjoyed reading other people’s work over there so started a profile just for that reason a while ago…and who can resist new ways of using words and playing with texts and layouts? Not me, it seems…

So far I’ve basically fed my account with a few of the slow travel-posts from this blog (which is why it looks like they have been on Medium since forever; they get the same date there as they have here). And collected them in a so-called Medium “Publication”, named Slow Travel Magazine. 😀 My thought is to try the platform out, and taking advantage of the fact that other people will be able to contribute to the Magazine in a smooth way.

If you have a slow travel story (or two) to share, please do!

Slow Travel Magazine – Medium

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