In Solitude I Find Immense Happiness

I was just getting up to get something from the kitchen, when this phrase somehow fell over me, as it seemed – first as a feeling (the immense happiness), and a second later as words:

“In solitude I find immense happiness.”

And I smiled at the simple yet, for me, strong truth in this little sentence.

It doesn’t mean I don’t want company, ever (I do). It just mean that if I don’t create space in between…things will not be good. For myself, or for anyone around me…mildly speaking.

And every time I rediscover this – like here, now, today, in my solitude – it feels like such an easy thing to…just arrange for, to make sure I’m available for those around me when it really counts. And yet, I’m constantly failing, at this. At realizing well in time when it’s time for a time-out. But oh well, I’m glad I keep having the insight of it every once in a while at least 😀

Also, to add, some people would call this a classic “introvert” trait, and that’s fine with me – I tick basically all the boxes in tests like “Are you an introvert?”, as well as scoring full on any HSP-test out there, too. I don’t personally really call myself neither “an introvert” nor “an HSP” (because labels, people…can’t help but not liking them that much since they tend to over-simplify complex matters far too often) – but reading books about them both has been very very helpful in understanding not the least the fact that all the sensitivities I walk around in the world with are not a universal thing (and likewise not a unique thing, either).

Reading about these traits made me realize that just because other people are not affected by a room being loud and noisy for example, it doesn’t mean that I have to try and stick it out “just because they do” (because they maybe don’t even notice the same noises – or smells – that for me are completely overwhelming to be around). This might sound self-evident, but it was a big revelation for me, after stumbling over Elaine Aron’s research on “Highly Sensitive People” the first time. That other people…weren’t like me…in those senses. At least not all (or most) of them. And that I therefore could just…stop comparing myself to anyone else – in terms of energy and need for silence and withdrawal, for example. HUGE moment, that.

If you have never heard about these things before, I would highly recommend reading up a bit here:

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