Guest posting at Flight Free USA

I’ve been guest posting for Flight Free USA on instagram over the last week – here are a few of the thoughts shared so far:

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Guest-post from @pancakesonthethird : 🚂🚢🚂 Hi 👋🏼 my name is Jenny, a mostly non-flying Swede living in LA. Last summer I traveled between my two countries by train and ship, an adventure I will share thoughts from in the coming days. 🚂🚢🚂 In 2016, after several years of not flying at all privately, but still some for my then work, I had a sort of epiphany, realizing that I could just say “I don’t fly anymore”, and that that would be that. That I didn’t have to ever fly again, that this was simply a choice, totally mine to make and that I could just do it – as in decide – there and then. So I did. 🚂🚢🚂 About two weeks later, I fell in love. And the person I fell in love with turned out to live an ocean and a continent away. So, instead of “never flying again”, the following year I spent many hours on long haul flights between our two cities, Los Angeles and Stockholm. Being in a long distance relationship is not all that fun though, so after that first year I packed some of my belongings and went here for an unknown period of time. Two years have passed, and I’m still here! 🙂 🚂🚢🚂 And now I’m at a far distance from my family and friends, instead. Which is really really hard. Especially since I’ve come back to the conclusion that I don’t want to be a part of the flying-fraction of the world, again. So for last summer’s visit to my homeland, I decided to…not fly, simply put. It was a long process to make the decision, and as with many other things, once it was made, it really wasn’t that big of a deal anymore. 🚂🚢🚂 The picture above is from an hour or so before departure from Union Station here in LA. I had two weeks of traveling in front of me, instead of the “usual” 11 hour-flight. And I was super excited. Traveling slowly is such a treat, and a privilege to have the possibility to do. Not everyone will have that option…but if you do, do it. It’s so rewarding, I promise! 🚂🚢🚂 #flightfree #flightfree2020 #vihållerosspåjorden #climatecrisis #slowtravel #unionstationla #amtrak #losangelesstockholm 📸: @anna.ahsk

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