Completing the NaNoWriMo

So…there are four hours and eighteen minutes left of November this year, here in the Pacific timezone of the US. And according to my NaNoWriMo Stats-page, I have 682 words left to write, to complete the challenge (the words written here and now not counted, yet 🙂 ). In other words – I’m pretty sure I’m gonna finish it! Wihoo!!

As I’ve written about these last few days, I’ve had thoughts around this whole thing being silly (given that I was so far behind just earlier this week). That the word-counting goal felt like a made up goal (well, it is) that was maybe just a “stupid” thing to make an effort to complete. And yet, I did it. I followed through, I am soon there, on the other side of completion, and it feels good, it actually does.

As the last few words are being written, I am thinking back on this year’s experience, to see what it has given me. Obviously I don’t really have a perspective of that yet, but here and now, what can I see as my main take away from this November Writing Month? First, some words of what I set out to do to start with. This is the very vague description I started the month off with, for the project I intermittently (I thought) named “Yet Unknown” at the NaNo profile page:

Anything counts. Journaling, blogging, letter/email-writing to friends afar. As long as it keeps me writing. #rebel

Being a #NaNoWriMorebel in summary means that you participate in the challenge, but do something else than writing 50,000 words in a – new – novel during the month of November. Some people transfer time spent editing existing texts into “words” to register, and I’ve even seen people painting pictures and transferring that into “1000 words per picture” and so on. There is a whole Forum to discuss your doings in this revolutionary field! My own rebelling this year consisted of focusing on the writing itself, regardless of form or purpose. I did not write a book – and most of the words I’ve written this month are not even shared anywhere – and will never be.

This is how I have spent my – soon – 50,000 words this month:

  • I have written personal notes in a “flow”-kind of style – as in for example the “750 words” way of writing (I can’t recommend this enough as a way to process things going on in your life, as well as to get inspired to write in general!)
  • I have written a few blog posts, here and on my Swedish blog enkelro
  • I have posted a couple of posts on instagram (and counted the words in the caption as part of the challenge)
  • I have made assignments in a writing course I’m taking, and counted those words as well
  • I wrote a long post – article style – and posted in a group (for train travel enthusiasts 🙂 ) on facebook, and counted those words too
  • And I have written a couple of lengthy “story telling” emails to friends (but not as many as I thought I would), and included it all in the month’s work of writing

In other words. I have focused on any kind of writing. Which was my goal, this time. As for now, the last evening of the challenge, I have felt a tad bit frustrated, as I have gone through the “pile of drafts” here on the blog – finding a whole bunch of things that I wish I had posted already (for some reason it bugs me to have written them all and then never used them, so far) – however spending time to edit them to make them feel more right here and now doesn’t “generate” any new words to lead me closer to the goal…so yeah. The struggle of a NaNoWriMo-writer is real, everyone (just kidding – it’s really not. It just feels like it, in the middle of it all 🙂 ).

Anyway. I have written a long, new post that I hope to finish tomorrow or in the coming days, and a couple of shorter ones too – and if anything, these last few days of almost forcing myself to write more, and then even more, and some more again, have really sparked inspiration for this wonderful thing that is…just plain and sheer writing, as a tool for exchanging thoughts, with ourselves and others. So that’s what I’m going to bring with me, into December and onward I hope. The inspiration, and not the least the discipline, to sit down and write. More than I ever did before. And that, my friends is something of a spirit to end this challenge with isn’t it??

Oh, and yes. The word count reached 682 up somewhere in the middle of the former paragraph so…..we did it! For the second time, my head, heart, fingers, computer and I made it through the writing challenge!! Ahh. I guess that means dinner time, that now it’s dinner time. And, after that…naaah, I’m just gonna review some blog posts, that’s all…staying away from the letters here on the screen for longer than a few hours sounds just a little bit too daunting, right now. 😀

But yes. Cheers everyone! And Hi again, my loving and patient wife ♥

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