An ad-free space

So, I just updated this blog from being a free one, to one that I pay for – to keep it ad-free, and also easier to link to (by adding a domain to it). Hooray! I had been thinking about doing this for a while, but there was a whole little process to go through, before finally executing. As usual (that’s just who I am. Rash decisions – big or small – not my thing 🙂 ).

I had already made the same upgrade, almost a year ago, for my Swedish blog*. But somehow it just felt a bit “silly”, or unnecessary, perhaps, to do it for this one, too. I mean, what purpose would that really serve, for a personal blog like this? Why should I pay for keeping this space neat and free of weird little ads and stuff I don’t even know what they are, since they are not even shown in my end of it?

Well. I realized a few things, as I went along with this. I enjoy writing. A lot. And I enjoy feeling that the place where I write is a neat one. It doesn’t have to be fancy-schmancy (actually, I prefer it not to be). But functional and nice. Just like the notebooks I write in, and the pens I use. Aha – notebooks and pens! They are not for free, are they? Would I think twice about my reason to wanting to buy a new notebook when the old one is full, or a new refill for my pen when the old one stops to work? Umm…no? That seems like…stuff one would do??

So, what is the difference between being prepared to pay for tools in the physical world to enjoy our hobbies – and work, for that matters – and online tools, to also enjoy our hobbies and work? I think, that one thing is that we are used to so many things being for free on the internet. And if we pay for them, there needs to be “higher” reasons for it – either in a very entertainment-focused way as in the case of for example pay for-games (a world I know exist out there but that I’ve never been part of myself), or totally production-focused (as in, having the scope of giving an income back if you pay for it to start with). I don’t know – but I do know that I suddenly realized that for me, paying for keeping this space a nice one, is not THAT different than to pay for a new notebook to scribble in (which, being me, still could be a whole process itself, but not at all in the same scrutinizing way as paying for having a neat blog-place where to write).

And that’s that. Welcome to this ad-free space, also known as Pancakes on the Third! 🙂


*For anyone curious about the Swedish blog, here it is:

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