Stockholm in a Nutshell?

I just got a picture sent to me from a friend, a picture of them and Anna (that is, my wife 😀 who just happens to be in Stockholm…while I am here, in LA), with a text on the lines of “Look who I just bumped in to?”. And I later wrote to Anna something along the lines of “Haha, Stockholm in a nutshell!”.

Well. Maybe it’s not only because of Stockholm being a very much smaller city than the one where I currently find myself. But. It is a city where you can WALK. You don’t just jump into you car and go from point A to point B. You stroll around. You tuddle-i-dum into little shops or galleries you didn’t even knew exist. Because you just happen to pass by. And then, somethimes, you bump in to people. That’s what happens when you don’t only rely on a car to get around.

Ah, I wish people here knew more of that experience. That the city provided more tools to make things like that happen here. It’s not only about “the environment”. It’s about being human. Too.

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