How Waiting for My Paycheck Helps Me Being Creative (at the same time as sticking to my budget)

Since a few days now, I’ve been “out of cash”. I’m not out of money, but I’m out of the money I wish to spend this week. This means that since a few days, I haven’t made any purchases at all – and in my world “purchase” mostly means groceries – food and beverages. I do have food at home, so I’m not at all going hungry over here…it’s just not maybe exactly the food I WANT right now, or the fruits or chocolate or coffee out I’d be so happy to have….at this very  moment – after all it’s weekend and all!

Since I do have money I could use, it would be easy to just think “Oh well, I’ll have the money in two days, I might just go buy what I want now, and I can even “pay back” to the other account later”. And while that is surely a possibility, I found it helpful to not do just that. To really live within my means, even when those means are in a way made up (by me).

Not getting exactly what I want, the moment I want it, is a good thing to practice, actually. I even discover things I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. Instead of buying something yummy for this Sunday afternoon, I realize I have the stuff at home to bake with (using up things that otherwise might have gone bad even). I double check the fridge and discover some vegetables that are looking very sad…and which I might have just glanced over as I restocked the shelf with exactly the vegetables I felt like buying right now. Instead, I bring out the poor forgotten carrots with friends, and make a soup – delicious once it’s there, hard to remember to make when I can so easily just buy what I want in the moment.

In the end, waiting for the paycheck to arrive, to “renew” my cash flow, helps me to see what I have here, now. It saves me the “I want This, Now”-trip to the store, and it lets me stay here at home, being creative with what is. So, in the end, even if it might seem like just a timing-thing, the waiting these couple of days instead of “borrowing” money from myself – I really do think I’m gaining something from not doing that. Both money (in that I use up stuff that I otherwise would have overlooked), and in satisfaction (as in finding creativity that I otherwise might have shopped myself out from). Super win-win! And also – once the paycheck arrives, going food shopping becomes such a treat, rather than just an ordinary everyday thing. A little party, really. Win-win-win!


Need some inspiration for your budgeting? Here you go:

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