Asking Questions

I ask a lot of questions, to people I meet here in the States. As a tool for learning, certainly, but also as a tool for “survival” – if not on a physical level, so on an…emotional, energetical and intellectual one. If someone says they voted for the current president, I ask them what they based their choice on. If someone says they’re dating a someone who voted for the current president, I ask them what that feels like, to them. If a person who voted for the current president answers that they voted like that because the current president is anti-abortion, and that that is the most important political question for them. I might go silent for a while, before I find more questions to ask.


Unless I feel there is room for a communication where we, all involved, will hear the other out, I prefer to do just that. Asking questions. To try to understand more myself. Maybe awake some new thoughts in the other, by those very questions, even. I’ve learnt that in many of these situations, sharing my viewpoint is only futile and energy sucking. My words or thoughts fall for closed ears. So I ask questions, so many questions. That’s the best I can do, many times.


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