Thoughts by the end of the trip

Thinking back on a long journey…

Just boarded the last train for this summer a few hours ago! Now sitting in the panorama car on the Southwest Chief, having left Chicago and continuing west for about another two days.

The routes for the trip this summer have been approximately these (practical tips for the different parts of the journey in the writing 🙂 ):

🚂 Los Angeles – Chicago – New York ~🚢~ 🚂 Hamburg – Copenhagen – Stockholm

🚂 Stockholm – Copenhagen – Hamburg – Hannover – Cologne – Brussels – London – Southampton ~🚢~ 🚂 New York – Chicago – Los Angeles

Everything has run very smoothly, even though almost all trains have been delayed in one way or another – including the one between Cologne and Brussels so much that we missed the last Eurostar for the day and had to stay the night in Brussels. But I’ve made sure to have good margins for the not-so-flexible ship departures 🙂 so everything has been more part of the adventure than anything else.

My number one tip for anyone exploring similar ways of traveling would be just that – to keep margins and be flexible around times; as long as there is no stress involved delays aren’t that bad at all – quite often a good occasion to have a bit of extra fun with newfound friends even 🥳 All that said, fingers crossed this train continues to run smoothly, and by Sunday I should be back LA-home! 🕺

To repeat a success?

I was very curious before starting the journey back, how it would feel to do it this second time. The first round, almost three months ago now, was such a good experience, and I basically just felt happy all the way through. I was curious how much of that was a “first time rush”, if I would grow tired of it on the way back now.

While some parts of this return trip has been a tiny bit more challenging than the first one, I’m still as happy for the way of moving between my places. Both on the ship, and now here at the long haul train, there has been a sense of nostalgia, of memories of people and emotions from the first round. But quite fast new experiences and friends appear, adding to the memories of last time.

So so far the answer is – this is how I want to do it. The thought of flying has slowly vanished (again) from my mind as even an option – it still is though, out in the physical world of course. But in me, it just doesn’t exist, right now. Ahh.


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