What I didn’t do…

…on my first day in New York:

Leave the house. I didn’t go out to experience the exciting city out there. I didn’t walk over the bridge to Manhattan and Central Park, I didn’t go out for a stroll in the neighborhood, sitting down in a chill café people-gazing and writing in my journal. And I didn’t go to the cozy little place with live music just around the corner in the evening. Actually, I didn’t even get properly dressed.

What I did do, on my first day in New York:

I woke up earlier than I usually do. Just like that. I enjoyed the feeling of a long, sweet morning. I made a cup of coffee. And another one. And yes, later on a third one, too. I scrabbled a bit in my notebook. But nothing great. I read other people’s words and thoughts, delivered straight to my phone from the internet. I ate cookies with my coffee. Opened up my computer and started writing…many many thoughts and words. Not nearly enough to reflect the myriad of things swirling around in my head, but enough to feel a sense of release. I texted people I love. I listened to music, my favorite music, round and round all day. I took a nap, listening to the thunder and the rain outside. I laughed so much my stomach jumped, while texting with my ❤ who was just going to bed a vast ocean away. And most of all, I just stayed in my bubble. My very own bubble – so that I will be ready for the world outside again, tomorrow. Traveling or not – given that one has the option, resting days should not be dismissed when needed, ever!

Peace and love and rest to all ❤❤❤ – and check out @thenapministry for more developed thoughts around the importance of rest, on a much bigger level than this!


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