Monumental Things

So, we arrived to New York yesterday! The week on the ship went by so fast this time…I just started to get used to it when it was time to get off. As most (it seemed) of my fellow passengers, I went up before dawn, to go out on the decks to see us “sail” into the harbor of New York, passing again under the Verrazzano Bridge, and then by the Statue of Liberty. As I did admire the view, and maybe even more watching this huge ship navigating its way to the berth, I had a hard time “feeling it”. There is something about these things where you are almost expected to…admire what you see, experiencing something grandiose…that makes me almost shut down, and then starting to feel some kind of pressure…hearing a “I should enjoy this now, it’s very very special”-voice in my head. And then, obviously it doesn’t happen. At all. 🙂

But, yes. Sailing by the Statue of Liberty was special. And even more special, in my memory of this part of the trip, was the morning when a rainbow appeared just as I turned around the corner on my deck 7-walk. So close to the ship that it felt like I could touch it. And the unexpected three seconds of music, beautiful tones sung by the man walking a few meters in front of me when passing through the sort of tunnel in the back of the ship, creating a most beautiful resonance. A little seven note-or so melody, touching my heart, maybe just because of that – the unexpectedness of it. Or the acorn falling down just in front of me as I stepped out the door, newly arrived to this place called Brooklyn, feeling a tad bit lost in the world. And the huge (as in gigantic) yellow butterfly flying by just a couple of minutes after. And the little “greeting” from Southampton – where I said goodbye to Europe for this time, embarking the ship one week ago – right there, in the form of a name-plate at the wall, as I lifted my eyes after sitting down in a bar on the way. With the acorn in my hand, as a tiny friend. So many little things like that, making me feel giggle-happy, and connected, and moved. The magic is everywhere (especially in my head, maybe 🙂 ).


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