”I’ve never been on a train”

That’s what they said, the person cutting my hair, when I told them about my coming trip over to Europe. “That’s so cool though, I’ve never even thought about that one could do that!” they had said the moment before. And just that fact, that this person, who had clearly traveled in their life, never even once had taken the train to do that…sort of blew my mind. Of course, after living in LA for a year and a half, I was used to flying being almost a given, when talking about going somewhere more than a few hours away (and for those shorter trips, it’s the car). But…still. For a “person of means” (in the meaning that if it was out of poverty the person didn’t travel at all, the sentiment would be a completely different one, of course) – to not ever have used the train as the way to go somewhere. Hearing it out loud like that…still surprised me, a lot.

And that’s one thing that is so inspiring now, out on this very trip. On the trains, and here on the boat, I meet other people, who also choose other ways to get around in the world, than flying. I met a couple, also from LA, who go to Europe almost every year, with no planes involved. And, that feels just so relaxing, for a while (however not exactly environmentally speaking). Our reasons might be a bit different – so far I’ve picked up more on personal preferences than anything else, as the reason for choosing this way of traveling, but still. It’s still soothing, still a new experience, to meet others “like me” (a bit, anyways).

There are so many more thoughts to come with this… For now, for anyone reading this, here is the link to Amtrak, to start checking out time tables 🙂 I found tickets from LA to NY for 193 dollar….not bad, not bad at all, right??


And of course everyone should check out this classic, marvellous site for tips and inspiration for flight-free traveling all over the world:


See you on the rails!

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