First day on the ship

First day on the ship! Departing with a delay of a few hours due to an earlier medical emergency, we set off just a bit before sunset yesterday. Sailing past the Statue of Liberty, under the Verrazzano Bridge (followed by cheers and hoorays from all the people on deck and three loooud blasts from the ship’s horn, quite an emotional experience!), and then off, up along the coast and out towards the ocean.


Entering the ship was quite overwhelming, and after these last days of traveling, the feeling of opening the door to my cabin – or stateroom as they say here – and enter into my own space for the next nine nights, was just lovely. After dinner I went on a walk through the ship (or, parts of it, it’s gigantic!), watched a movie in the theatre, walked back up the stairs experiencing the after midnight silence of many of the bars…and then slept like a baby all night through.


Every day onboard is packed with activities and happenings, and food and all sorts of do:s and do:s. So, what did I choose to do this first day of the crossing? Well. I chose to spend the day in my cabin, and by that I mean The Whole Day. I made my own coffee, enjoyed the pastry that my lovely host in New York sent me off with, went out on the balcony to breath the ocean air, watched a movie in bed, wrote in my notebook… A wonderful, perfect first day at sea, I’d say 🥳


After this recharge, maybe tomorrow I will be ready to go out and explore more – to go on a luxury ship like this wasn’t my first choice for this crossing, but now that I’m here I’m thinking the best I can do is to experience it, and learn more about it all. But for tonight, I’m staying here. Out there, there will soon be a Gala Evening going on. I’m glad for all the excited people who are now preparing, glamming up, having cocktails with the captain before dinner and then dancing all night through. I’m preparing too…making the room here cozy, curling up with the movie program and a book next to me. Listening to the wind and water outside. And feeling so so lucky for doing this trip, like this, right now. Ahhh.



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