Email #7: “Green” Pads?

Hi Seventh Generation,

My partner went out to buy me pads, and came home with your brand’s, thinking they were a good choice, environmentally speaking. As I normally buy ”green” pads (containing no plastic materials etc), I was a bit concerned when trying to understand what I just had gotten in my hand.

As far as I can se, what you push for as being ”eco-nice” is that they are perfume free (which shouldn’t have to be a Thing when buying pads, but still..), and chlorine free – but not 100% as it turns out, as the peel strip is said to contain ”chlorine containing chemicals”.

Could you please expand a bit on in what way these pads should be considered such a good choice, thinking seven generations ahead? To me it seems more like the seventh generation from now will live in a world where some remains of these pads will still be around…but I would be very glad to hear that that is not the case!

Thank you,

Jenny Holmberg


With a brand-slogan stating “Join us in nurturing the health of the next seven generations“, I believe that more information is needed on the package of these pads, to ensure the statement is a true one, and not only words. As far as I can see these pads still contain petroleum/plastic based materials, but I’m hoping for a clarifying answer, that will show that these products are as good as the brand indicates.

As said before, I think it’s important that we as consumers ask these questions when something is not clear, to show that we really care – especially brands that claim to be “environmentally friendly” & co need to be questioned when there are doubts about it. Greenwashing is a thing, for realz. And even if other businesses and companies are doing things that are far worse in an absolute sense, a company should not get away with tricking people into thinking they buy something good when in reality another choice would have been better.

To read about a 100% biodegradable option while waiting for an answer:

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