Email #6: Love and Light is Not a Complete Answer

Yesterday I wrote an email to a person arranging a course in the south of Europe (with participants from Sweden mainly), and suggested they could inspire people to take the train down through the continent rather than flying – having a whole group of people take flights for a trip like this will have such a negative impact on our planet, which feels counterproductive always, and especially since the retreat offered here is all about a better future, self growth etc. To do that (inner) work without addressing the outer world, and our responsibility to take care of the planet (and each other) to the best of our means…is something we surely need to move away from (in my opinion, and many others’). Love and light is beautiful and important – but only as long as it is accompanied by responsibility, whether it is standing up for other groups of people, the environment and what not. No, everyone can’t be everything, and I’m not asking for ”leaders” like this to take on every ”hat”, at all. But yes, I do expect a minimum of owning one’s actions, in the outer world too, when working on lines like this.

In the email I pointed to the benefits for the person traveling, in terms of time to settle into the trip, to enjoy the traveling rather than be put under the stress of airports and stuff, all things that I feel are very much in line with this person’s own message and sharings. I also offered to be of assistance would people have questions regarding the practical side of booking international train tickets, as this can be a bit overwhelming at first and since it is something I’ve done several times myself.

I received an answer this morning, basically saying ”Thank you for all you do in the world” (nice, thank you), ”we will take this with us”. Maybe a further answer will come later in addition to that sort of standardized one, or maybe some action will actually be taken – as in including inspiration for sustainable traveling in the next newsletter, who knows. For now, I just shake my head a little, thinking ”Love and light is not a complete answer”. At all.


Update: a further answer never came, and in the following newsletters I did not see any sign of actions taken or even thoughts around this topic – just more promotion of the trips and the ways to get there by plane. There was one mentioning of taking the train long after this, in a far from whole-hearted way – even in an almost “mocking” tone in my ears (better then to not mention it at all). Again, it’s not that I expect (or even want) people to just immediately agree with me on all things…but the lack of conversation about uncomfortable topics, especially from people in the Love and Light-business, is a thing I have a hard hard time digesting.

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