More Reasons Than Dog Poo to Take Off My Shoes at Home

Another little difference between places in the world: shoes off or not (when coming in to your or someone else’s house)? In Sweden, I would say that it would mostly be seen as quite rude to step into someone’s home with your shoes on, unless invited to. There is definitely a shoes off culture. For me – obviously having lived like this most of my life – that makes a lot of sense. If you think about it, what can (does) your shoes bring in, after a day walking around in the city (or in the mud – but that feels better though…even if the dirt is more visible, to me it feels cleaner. But that’s just me..)? All sorts of…”yuck” you don’t really want to move around in your home I would say.

I recently saw a post that also made me realize that this preference is not just a hygienic one. It was a post about the pesticide chlorpyrifos – and how to avoid it, made by Made Safe (check them out, follow, read!). And among the tips on how to avoid this poisonous substance (in addition to eating organic and such more (seemingly) “obvious” things) – was

  • Take your shoes off when you enter your home. Pesticide residue can be tracked into the home through shoes worn outside.

Because – the pesticide is – or, actually was, there has been a recent ban! – used for, for example, recreational areas. And, yes, even if this specific pesticide now has been banned (read more at Made Safe), the point is that even if not minding dog poop and such being brought into your home with your shoes, we can rest assured that other yucky stuff is still being used to keep the grass greener in the park…or the sidewalk free from the same grass…etc…and that this is probably something we don’t want to bring into our homes (especially not if we have small ones crawling around at the same floor as those shoes are walking around at, right)? The best thing surely would be if there weren’t any poisonous stuff spread out at all out there..but until that day comes, well, you get it. Shoes off, sounds quite good, doesn’t it? 🙂

One of the other points they made about avoiding the pesticide is this:

  • Choose organic cotton. Cotton is commonly sprayed with chlorpyrifos. Swap out linens like sheets for organic MADE SAFE certified sets.

Just a reminder…an organic lifestyle is so much more than fruit and vegetables, people.


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