Dear Neighbors… – Do We Really Need Petroleum Driven Garden Tools to Make Our Flowers “Thrive”?

Ok, the question in the heading is probably quite self-explanatory. Like, do we? Really?

In our neighborhood (ah, first time I didn’t need the auto-correct to take away my “u” after the first “o”!), Wednesdays seem to be the gardening day for most people. First of all, I must admit not being used to people not taking care of their gardens themselves. But I realize there are different stories and circumstances and circles and cultures etc so this will not be about that, here now. BUT. I am freaked out by the tools used for all this garden-work. And this is not to be used against the gardeners doing their job with whatever tools are around. It’s a systemic thing I suppose, and of course a demand-thing too.

In this town, people use their car soooo much more than I am used to. So maybe that sort of diffuses the unhealthy thing about using petroleum based tools for taking care of one’s garden. Some parts of our gardens are (at least) edible stuff. But large parts of them are not even that. They consist of flowers, beautiful bushes, trees (which I appreciate so so much). They are there for our pleasure (and yes, the bees are happier too, so I’m not saying they are not important on a biological scale as well). Anywayssssssss…the bottomline is – do you know how much exhaust fumes those little machines pour out into the air? Believe it or not, but they are even worse than your car. And they don’t even take you places. They do things that could, many times, be done with just your hands, actually. Or if not that, at least with an electronic tool.

I hope that we can start asking about this when getting quotes for hiring new gardeners. And maybe even asking our current gardeners. Maybe we need to pay them more for this, maybe these new tools mean an initial extra cost for the companies, where there currently is no margin for such things. I don’t know. But if we have enough resources (money) to have someone else take care of our stuff, then I do think we have enough resources to help them do it in a more sustainable way, too.

Thank you!

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