Thank You Social Media Activists

These last months here, not working, I have spent a quite big amount of time on “social media”. Not posting, or visibly engaging even. But reading. Reading and reading. Posts – and comments. So. Many. Comments.

I’ve always felt sort of “internet shy”. In the real, or, physical, life, I am not afraid to speak up when needed (my voice might tremble, as I get agitated. But speak up – of course!). But this huge, “unknown” world, that is the www ….is almost too hard to grasp.  For me. So, I’ve studied it. And wow. I am so grateful for all the people who are Doing the Work out there (I am equally…almost numbed, about how angry people can be. A story of its own).

For some of us, it’s easier to take the talk in the “real” life rather than out there in the big unknown seemingly infinite world (or – social media is the real life too, the online part of life…but you get what I mean). The talk around the dinner table, in the line at the grocery store, in the bar, at the café, at work… And I do know that this is on the contrary a harder space for other people (who instead then might have an easier time online, where others of us struggle, so – we complement each other!). But even with those more “live-shy” people, I’ve experienced such great moments – you should know that when in these situations – which can feel quite scary, when raising ones voice in disagreement with someone who maybe rather expected you to hum along, laugh with them – in these moments just a nod, or a little Mm shyly from the side, can mean so much, and create such a sense of ..fellowship?, togetherness in it all. It’s the thing that can help someone to keep the discussion going even when almost wishing one didn’t get into it in the first place.

So let’s keep supporting each other – and maybe practicing on doing that in our least preferred environments too. I am tiny step-practicing on social media by “shyly nodding” from the side – via hearts and thumbs up mostly so far. Thinking that getting a little heart from someone unknown for your brave and wise speak up-comment on insta maybe sometimes can give a little sense of that togetherness I’ve felt around the table. Who knows. Tiny steps to braver us.

Thank you, thank us, all ❤

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