Email #4 – “Room fresheners” in public spaces

A reminder for us all that it is very possible to change things by asking, at least about the “small” (but huge on the personal level) stuff. Don’t hesitate to point out things like unhealthy perfume in common spaces – chances are people will listen and act accordingly, making life better for all of us (saying this first of all to myself, can be such a hard one to remember).

This was part of a longer correspondence, when answering the question whether I would like to jump on board and purchase a membership at a place after the first month’s trial:

I am definitely ready to sign up to continue with the practice at xxx. One thing that makes me hesitate though is that I’m highly sensitive to perfumes and chemicals, and the perfume-sticks at the studio makes me feel quite unwell. For this month I have just gone for it nevertheless (also because I understood in the beginning that they might not be refilled again when empty? But not really sure that that was exactly what was said). However for the long run I am not sure – also since part of the goodness is the whole community-thing, and these kind of products, even if I do understand that they are used with intentions of making a space “nice”, really are excluding to their nature, for people with allergies and sensitivities (and chances are they are actually more or less poisonous to all of us, either we feel it or not – even the “green” diffusers have content we don’t get to know what it is).

I really hope that this would be a minor thing for you to change? It would be so great to continue coming to the studio, and to fully enjoy the experience!

*The diffusers mentioned in the email were the ones from email #2, the supposedly “green” ones, and I am quite sure this studio had purchased them in the thought of them being, well, “green” and all good.

The reply was quick and clear:
Yes Scherry said that she wasn’t going to refill the perfume container and the last one has been removed from between the bathrooms.

Easy! 🙂 And I probably used a lot more words than required for that tiny little request…but oh well.
Some links if you want to know more about toxic perfumes (you do, believe me):

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