Email #2 – “Natural” Room Fresheners (Eco Branding, again)

I was in a studio where they used so called “room fresheners” – i.e. yucky stuff – and I took the chance to ask some questions to the company providing them. According to the homepage all their products are “natural”, and everything they say actually sounds really nice…whereby I got a bit confused since I still reacted so strongly to these room perfumes. I would have been glad to find out that they were indeed all “clean” (which doesn’t mean that many sensitive people still wouldn’t react to the strong smells, and these things probably should be avoided in public spaces), but at least it wouldn’t be adding to the chemical cocktail of our daily lives… As far as I could understand from the sort of no-answers given, this didn’t seem to be the case though.
Hi xxx,
I wonder if you can tell me the whole ingredient list for your Reed diffusers? I’ve had a reaction to the “perfume” from them..and reading at your homepage it sounds like there wouldn’t be any strange things there.. As I’m trying to understand what my “allergies” are about it would be very helpful to know what’s in the oils, to maybe get another piece to the puzzle (a tricky one to put for sure).
Happy I came across your page though when trying to get an answer there, I like your style and the products seem very good and might come back to shop later 🙂
Many thanks,
Jenny Holmberg
HI Jenny,
The diffuser ingredients are a trade secret but I can tell you that the diffuser oil base is DPG free (Dipropylene glycol), Alcohol/ethanol free, Phthalates free and is VOC compliant (volatile organic compounds that can be contained in a product.) The oil base has been specially formulated to blend with our essential oil blends and provide maximum scent throw with the diffuser sticks. We do not use perfume in our diffuser, only our essential oil blends.  We have been told that most that have issues with strong perfume based diffusers find that ours is a great alternative.
Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Thank you!
Hi Shannon,
Thank you for your quick answer.
So just so I understand it right, the “liquid” in the bottles is a mix of essential oils, and then other types of oils as carriers? And also maybe other components too, just not the ones listed below, is that correct?
Many thanks for your help,
Hi Jenny,
Yes, there is a base that the oils are added to and yes, that is the propriety blend.
Here is some information on VOC compliancie:
Thank you,
OK thank you for the clarification Shannon.
I do get a bit confused now though, when reading the “Guiding Principles” for the company (very appealing 🙂 ) and the answers provided.
As a “green-branded” company, do you still feel confident about these diffusers being the right thing to sell? I can’t help but wonder what’s in the formulas and if they are really good for people then – even the not as sensitive ones – as we are all already in a “chemical cocktail” in our daily lives – something Dani seems not wanting to add to?
I would love to hear your thoughts on that, maybe I’ve missed something completely here..
The link you sent about VOC compatibility was explanatory (and quite convincing that we all want to reduce the amount of VOCs especially in our indoor environment). The context was a bit surprising though:
… Purchasing cleaning chemicals in Auto Magics line of car care products that are labeled as VOC Compliant will help ensure that those automotive products are within the allowed levels of VOC compliance set by state and national laws.
Now I get that the VOC limits are different for different categories of products (so your room freshener would have other standards than a car care product…), but it still feels odd to get this sort of vague “answer” (from another company’s homepage) when asking about the components in a home-product from an “All-Natural” company. I would think that companies like yours would want to go further than “just” the regulation, when handling these possibly problematic ingredients – and maybe you do, again, maybe I’ve missed something..would be very happy to hear more about that in that case!
Thanks again,
No further replies from the company after this.
Part of the company’s guiding principle:
“All-Natural” isn’t just a catch phrase. From that very first soap to today’s extended line of bath, body and home products, we are committed to making everything as nourishing and natural as possible.”
While this guiding principle might be true for their body products, it doesn’t seem to apply to their “home scents” (unless they completely missed to inform about that), which is problematic since people then believe that they are buying “healthy” products (which I am sure the yoga studio where I had the unpleasure to endure the “fragrance” thought too), while in reality they are merely buying something (possibly) a little bit less unhealthy, but still, well, not good for us, at all.

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